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Getting the cash transfer architecture right

A case for enhancing trust and user experiences of Direct Benefit Transfers in the agricultural sector through farmer collectives and responsive governance.

Deborah Thomas and Astha Kapoor

With the proliferation of welfare delivery through direct cash transfers1, the digitization of claim making and the transfer of many public services online, it is vital to ensure that these new systems do not exacerbate existing inequalities, hamper access of marginalized groups and escape accountability as a result of being online.

This brief is based on research on cash transfers in a primarily agricultural Panchayat in Kerala, which we use to draw out essentials for designing a cash transfer architecture that works for the people. Through this, we seek to demonstrate how governments can build systems that foster the trust of citizens by being structured around visibility of processes amongst actors, continuous engagement of civil society, accountability and accessibility.

To find the draft report, click here.

Please cite as: Aapti Institute: 2019. Getting the Cash Transfer Architecture Right: A Policy Framework. Policy Papers, 9/2019

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